About us

Meet our founder and designer

Olga grew up in a small town in Russia, always being obsessed with art and fashion, she was collecting fashion magazines as a child and watching Fashion TV as a teenager.

Then she moved to London to study Fashion Styling at Istituto Marangoni, she styled numerous projects for infamous independant fashion magazines.

She took couple of years off of fashion industry to travel the world and explore different cultures. 

Coming back into fashion with founding Mitsukai as a new generation ethical and sustainable fashion brand that aims on pushing the boundaries and celebrating the female form. 


About the brand

The name Mitsukai translates from Japanese as Angel.

The whole brand identity is based on the concept of self-love and self-expression. Not taking clothes and ourselves too seriously is the key element of Mitsukai.

Playful, bold and feminine.

Pushing traditional beauty standarts.

Self-love empowering and inspiration to showcase the female form as bold as it is is the main goal of the brand. A lot of manga inspirations mixed with the 90s and early 2000s references.


Sustainability is being a very important part of the brand. All the items produced sustainably and ethically. Also having our reworked collection that is fully made from vintage and second-hand clothing. We are manifesting sustainable future and ethical working environments in the fashion industry.